Tuesday, July 5, 2011

First Post

As a legal consultant of nearly 25 years and a prepper since I was a kid on the farm, I am offering some guidance on prepping related legal issues or concerns. My blog is not legal advice and should never be considered as such. Any comments I offer are simply the actions I would take if I were in the situation myself.

As preppers I know we have alot of questions on firearm laws, concealed carry, property and title laws, mineral rights, etc.. I will answer any prepper related questions and comments with current statutes and jurisprudence as best as I can. If you do have a serious or pending issue I can do lengthy/indepth memorandum but I do charge a fee. I work closely with attorneys around the US as well and can often times get you a referral if needed.

I work full time as a legal consultant engaged in legal research and writing of trial memorandum, appellate briefing, and post-conviction relief.  Please understand that my time is limited due to my work schedule. I will do my best to monitor this blog and answer questions in a timely fashion. Prepper patience is a virtue, let's keep it :)

I will be linking this blog on Facebook and will rely on all of my prepper friends to circulate it.

Iowa Prepper-
Craig Smith-